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What is pharaonic massage?

 What is pharaonic massage in ancient Egypt?, Physical and psychological wellness was a topic of great appreciation, as they were interested in anatomical and physiological medicine, which is still documented to this day in hieroglyphic writing on the original papyrus, and we will introduce you through this article to a comprehensive answer to this question and the history Pharaonic massage.

What is pharaonic massage?

The traditional Egyptian massage, or what is known as the pharaonic massage, is a type of traditional massage (massage therapy), which aims to remove muscle tension, improve skin texture and contribute to muscle relaxation and harmony in the mind, body, and emotions because the ancient Egyptians believed in three “keys to life” They are the head, which represents mental intelligence, and the heart is the emotional heart and the physical abdomen. In this type of massage, natural aromatic oils are used, most notably the Nile Lotus, and it is considered one of the important treatments because it stimulates blood flow in the skin and protects and treats many diseases.

The history of pharaonic massage

The ancient Egyptians were the first to codify and study essential oils and their therapeutic benefits, in addition to making beautiful perfumes and fragrant incense for personal use and for their religious rituals. Massage as a treatment for several ailments, represented by the weaving, which was the highest peak of ancient Egyptian medicine, was also considered a sacred art, in addition to being used in spiritual appeasement rituals and medicinal herbs or balms and ointments that adorn the skin.

Massage and reflexology were found in ancient Egypt in the decorations of the tomb of Ptahhotep (a vizier during the Djidakari era in the Fifth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom) Ptahhotep is depicted when his entourage was massaging his feet, in the Sun Temple of the Sixth Dynasty (Old Kingdom) The ancient Egyptian pharaoh Neusir displays pictures of the king as Relaxing foot massage, as found on the walls of the temple pictures of preparing oils, in the Egyptian culture was the ritual of preservation aimed at immortality, the female body was given special care using natural formulations and treatments, in Egypt the science of skincare was very developed, from plants they were the first to master in The manufacture of essential oils and their therapeutic benefits The Egyptians were experts in raw materials. In addition, the Egyptians made beautiful perfumes and fragrant incense for personal use and religious rituals. They applied this knowledge to develop massage and reflexology as therapeutic tools. The god Nefertum is considered the first natural oil healer in the world. GodsIsis claims to have used therapeutic massage as a treatment for several ailments.

Another reference to massage therapy was also found in the Pharaonic civilization during the Sixth Dynasty of ancient Egypt in the tomb of Ankhmahor (known as “the doctor’s tomb”). During the reign of Amenhotep III, Twelfth Dynasty during the Middle Kingdom) they treated women who suffered from pain in their feet with mud massage and it got better, and this type remained common at that time, 

During the era of the modern state, the depiction of the Battle of Kadesh shows the soldiers of Ramses II, where many received massage therapy, and still to this day practices and treatments for body care. As a treatment option just like any other treatment.

Pharaonic massage steps

A pharaonic massage is a form of therapeutic sport that aims to stimulate blood circulation in the body in addition to clearing the mind and strengthening the body’s organs and preparing them to perform their work in their natural form. The process of pharaonic massage takes place in three main steps:

  •  It is based on massaging the muscles to push blood to the heart and in this way the blood circulation is stimulated
  • Massage is done with gemstones
  • Massage is done by focusing on the energy points of the hands and feet.
  • The pharaonic massage is called the royal massage, and it is a unique massage, where the masseur uses the most expensive type of oil called lotus oil, which is extracted from the lotus flower of the Nile. This flower is a symbol of the ancient pharaohs. Sometimes called 4 Hands, about the use of four hands, which are the hands of the specialists who work on this massage.

Thus, we learned through this article what is pharaonic massage, as we learned about the history of pharaonic massage and who was one of the ancient rulers of Egypt used it.

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